Wood Wood Vallerie skirt in mint

Mint Cheerleader skirt - Wood Wood

Wood Wood is a Danish brand founded over 10 years ago, however they have  only recently begun emerging in the UK. I became aware of them in the summer. Outside of Denmark they have a store in Berlin, but otherwise you can only really find them online.

This mint green vallerie skirt is the first Wood Wood item I ever spotted. I saw the skirt and didn’t have a clue where it was from until I randomly came across it on ASOS a few months later. I put these outfits together before the skirt actually arrived – for my review of the skirt, keep scrolling down.

Have a flick through the gallery and let me know what you think.

 My review

The skirt is quite full and a bit longer than I thought it would be (it reaches just above the knee – I’m 6ft), which makes it more of a statement, girly, summery piece as opposed to the more understated casual piece I was after. It is high waisted, so the gallery above doesn’t give a true picture of what the outfits actually look like. As it is quite bulky, it’s difficult to wear a loose top over it without your waist looking a few sizes larger than it is. With that in mind, I haven’t actually worn this outside of the house yet.

Nevertheless, I do like this skirt – I just don’t love it. Last week I was able to offset some of the bulkiness by teaming the skirt with a tight vest top. That way I could wear a loose jumper or cardigan, and still have an okay shape. Because it is quite long, you still have that sickly sweet girly look (I should add, I do really like that look – it’s just not ‘me’), however a boyfriend watch – I throw on my white ice watch – is able to offset this and make it casual again. So I think I’ll venture out in this skirt next week now.

As I said, I still think this skirt is great. Very well made and the white stripe is “Terry-appliquéd” towel so no need to worry about this fading over time. It’s also a lot better for us tall girls – due to the length (which I know I keep going on about – sorry!). 

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